XS Architecture / Banc en bois

I am always facinated by compartmental architecture which is leading to a more environmental architecture with lower carbon emissions, the component method of architecture means that pieces can be cut out using a cad cam machine, chop up the pieces and attach them together by just using pure man/woman power. As you can see from … Continue reading

Office/ A change in work environment

With the european and american graphic and interior designers finally crawling from the depth and effects of the recession. The following blog entry gives a collage of the many well designed offices around europe some designed using environmentally friendly materials and well thought out aesthetics SOURCE SOURCE SOURCE SOURCE SOURCE SOURCE SOURCE

Music/ My Favourite Architect

Before i ever wanted to do anything i always wanted to collect music and not just your ordinary yeah i listen to everything bullshitter but the yeah i listen to ska, j pop and a little bit of death metal, i remember being the weird kid in school always carrying a tone of cds because … Continue reading

Tracy Featherstone/Form Is Not Just Structure But Beautiful Art

Seriously, What the Hell ? was my first reaction to the structural pieces by Tracy Featherstone which i happened to stumble upon, the amount of effort and precision that has been put into constructing these is impressive. The structures designed to be wearable and to begin a new breed of fashion, the wearable structures that … Continue reading

The Minimal Life Vol 2

The minimal life can be an amazing one as i love the idea of simplicity, to be able to organise not jut your home but im a simplistic manor. Here is the minimal life second volume which touches on the aspects of life which can be made simple and maybe help clarity with thinking. MADEHAND/SOURCE … Continue reading

Home Infinite Tool

The home kit which is a mix between a suitcase and a carrier bag,  my first impressions of this tool ? a complete messy and quite unnecessary as i would hate others having easy access to my stuff, but in many ways this can give a whole new perspective on what you think is private and … Continue reading

Portfolio Stand Out