Software Review / The CSI Deblurer

Welcome to the MADEHAND software review if your new to the made hand blog, today we are talking about the deblurer which is an amazingly powerful piece of software. The deblurer does exactly what it says on the tin, the software reduces the amount of clarity and pixelation within an image which can come in  … Continue reading

Google Headquarters/Clive Wilkinson Architects

This industrial style of architecture is the product of architect Clive Wilkinson who was appointed to design and develop the google headquarters in Silicon valley.This 500,000 square foot complex involved the valid input of DEGW environmentalist William Mcdonough who have worked together to develop a diverse environment. The design integrated highly focused software engineering workspace … Continue reading

Fashion x Form = Architecture

Fashion and architecture go hand in hand, form can be essential for a product to fullfil its function. Fashion has truely demonstrated what can be achieved not only form and stability but aesthetics

Architecture Masters

Architecture masters is a collection of the images that decipt the faces of the industry and their passion and telent to the industry captured in powerful black and white images. MADEHAND/SOURCE

Still / Tranquil Spaces

Tranquil spaces is a collaboration of images of the most peaceful and humble spaces across europe and america, architecture and design is only efficient and successful if it fits well in its surroundings. These scenic views give a clear understanding of what can be achieved and given from these sites MADEHAND/SOURCE MADEHAND/SOURCE MADEHAND/SOURCE MADEHAND/SOURCE

The B.L.O.W.J.O.B

The title alone is a filthy give away but here is a true gem i managed to find along the dry desert of amazing photography on sites like pintrest, then i managed to stumbled upon a great inspiration site behance ( which i highly recommend.Tadao Cern the composer presents an amazing composition of photo manipulation … Continue reading

Ethnic Displacement

Arab al-Jahalin is one of the biggest bedouin community that lives in the desert between Jerusalem and Jericho MADEHAND/SOURCE

Everybody Needs A Map/ The World according to Yanko

Everybody loves a map especially world wide geek’s seeing the countries tie together to form the world map, gives me even a sense of togetherness when the pieces all fit together, here Yanko Tsvetkov brings an insightful, interesting view on how other areas of the world see other people.   MADEHAND/SOURCE

Architectural Emotion

Warning may make you cry if you are a big fan of Louis Khan a great architect not only of his time but still present today.

Form/ Body Furniture

From years of struggle to understand how to design architecture in the best method possible i have finally understood that form is derived from the human body, basis i know but just recently i have understood the importance of the human body. I stumbled upon the homotography site which displays great photography of the male … Continue reading

B AND W Architecture

My Portfolio

Hello as an architecture student i have developed a portfolio of all of my works that i have produced within my bachelor of architectural technology and the projects out side of university Any comments would be much appreciated.