Kasper Bonna Lundgaard / House In The Forest

Completion: 2012 Address: Tjønnåsveien 4, Tjøme Architect: Kasper Bonna Lundgaard   The house is simple amazing and one must appreciate the simplicity of the project, the land gives space for an impressive courtyard. What makes this project even more impressive is the fact that the project was develop by an architect that was still a … Continue reading

Welcome To RÅW

Hi welcome to RÅW where we will be talking about the latest architecture out there, to begin we will be exploring architecture in norway and the rest of the world

A New UTØYA / 60 Million for 2015

The Norwegian massacre of the 22nd of July will surely stay in our memories for along time to come, the day will certainly be remembered in the minds of everyone. The utoya disaster has struck hope among the norwegian people and has brought great architecturr minds together, this collaboration has resulted in the Utoya project … Continue reading

My City/ Transitions

I recently moved from the great city of London to move into the City of Bergen located in the western region of norway and is the second biggest city in norway. It really is a great transition from london as it comfortably mixes its self with nature in a quiet and bold way, in the … Continue reading

Depression in the Details

Every day we move through life either though family and friends or jobs and careers but depression  can really make all these things seem hopeless, personally depression is just an annoyance as an architecture student there are just times you feel low about my progress. We cling to things that bring up emotional fulfilment and … Continue reading

Stop Existing And Start Living

A collaboration of inspirational images that give the idea of what could be better with living spaces, what are the metre square foot we live are lives in and what can be done to improve them if its possible

Inspirational Lectures/Snohetta

Snohetta has always fascinated me with it philosophy on architecture and construction, their attention to detail in their designs is an amazing experience. As an architecture student Im always looking for inspiration, especially if your feeling down and looking for that kick up the back side then you should check this out. Snohetta has taken the … Continue reading