Everything Bright + Teal

There is nothing better than a  bit of colour on bland white walls, its about time we at RAW  did some more interior stuff so here you go we have the teal reel which is all the cool ways teal has been used in everyday life. There is a certain calmness that the colour teal … Continue reading

Tight Squeeze / OFIS Architekti / Court Apartments

Slovenian practice OFIS Arhitekti reformatted three Baroque houses in Ljubljana into an apartment block with a secret courtyard, which is featured in this third movie from our series about the studio’s work.  

Software Review / Archviz Dvd

Not just a pretty render is what architecture school is all about but dont get me wrong a good render can go a long way into explaining what is going on inside and outside your building, sometimes a set of 2d drawings and a couple of isometrics won get your tutor or potential employer interested. … Continue reading

Google Headquarters/Clive Wilkinson Architects

This industrial style of architecture is the product of architect Clive Wilkinson who was appointed to design and develop the google headquarters in Silicon valley.This 500,000 square foot complex involved the valid input of DEGW environmentalist William Mcdonough who have worked together to develop a diverse environment. The design integrated highly focused software engineering workspace … Continue reading

Office/ A change in work environment

With the european and american graphic and interior designers finally crawling from the depth and effects of the recession. The following blog entry gives a collage of the many well designed offices around europe some designed using environmentally friendly materials and well thought out aesthetics SOURCE SOURCE SOURCE SOURCE SOURCE SOURCE SOURCE

Fashion x Form = Architecture

Fashion and architecture go hand in hand, form can be essential for a product to fullfil its function. Fashion has truely demonstrated what can be achieved not only form and stability but aesthetics

When I Was Young…………….

Very sorry guys for the hiatus, been a bit busy with handing in work and an exam for my architecture course. I am now coming to the end of my course and i just keep on having those flash back moments when you were kids and the great memories you have. Unfortunately like some people … Continue reading

Still / Tranquil Spaces

Tranquil spaces is a collaboration of images of the most peaceful and humble spaces across europe and america, architecture and design is only efficient and successful if it fits well in its surroundings. These scenic views give a clear understanding of what can be achieved and given from these sites MADEHAND/SOURCE MADEHAND/SOURCE MADEHAND/SOURCE MADEHAND/SOURCE

Avenue of The Rainbow

A small town in Portugal called Agueda houses this amazing sight for the fight time this year with colourful umbrellas which is just beautiful in the sunlight.

François Roche

R&Sie, pronounced “Air and Sea” or “Air y see” ( sounds like Heresy), is one of our favorite architecture firms and this week’s feature presentation. R&Sie is directed by a team of french thinkers, architects and railleurs — they are Francoise Roche, Stephanie Lavaux and Jean Navarro. Together they’ve been reworking, provoking and disturbing architectural … Continue reading

Deconsructive Life

I have always been curious about deconstructive architecture and how it was developed through the 21st century, the works of OMA and the world recognised Frank Ghery have opened our eyes the a magic and interest that deconstructivism brings. When i began architecture school i found deconstructive architecture quiet pretentious as it seemed to play … Continue reading

Let there be light

Lighting is an essential feature of any housing project, shop refurblishment or private sector project. The lighting can really make a difference in what type of environment and experience the user gets. In my time being a architecture student i have visited many schools which are very poor in their lighting in order to save … Continue reading