The Architecture Student Essentials

When  i first decided i wanted to do architecture at university i wasnt actually my desire,i really wanted to do computer science, more architecture students gradually grow into the course/ profession after years of facination with the subject matter but for me it was a bit of a last minute love. After the first 2 … Continue reading

Funny TED Lecture/ Catherine Mohr builds green

Catherine Mohr builds green – Catherine Mohr

Zaha Hadid

Every architecture student and architecture enthusiast has a style of architecture they are interested in, zaha hadid has been and amazing role model not just for students but for women especially. She has paved the way for females to persevere in a tough male dominant career, she has also brought a new perspective to designing public … Continue reading

Inspirational Lectures/Snohetta

Snohetta has always fascinated me with it philosophy on architecture and construction, their attention to detail in their designs is an amazing experience. As an architecture student Im always looking for inspiration, especially if your feeling down and looking for that kick up the back side then you should check this out. Snohetta has taken the … Continue reading