Lazika Municipality Lazika Georgia / Just Impressive

When your a student there is nothing more interesting than a building or whole project that does not conform and is spectacular, the spaces inside are nothing short of mysterious. The Lazika Municipality building in Georgia is now on the top of my list of buildings that i want to see before i die, the … Continue reading

Software Review / CityEngine

City engine is an amazing piece of software that can really cut you some corners, the problem that usually occurs is the dreaded city creation process when your making a render or just simple design processing. The city engine software enables the user to creates city landscapes in a matter of minutes without the hassle … Continue reading

My City/ Transitions

I recently moved from the great city of London to move into the City of Bergen located in the western region of norway and is the second biggest city in norway. It really is a great transition from london as it comfortably mixes its self with nature in a quiet and bold way, in the … Continue reading

School Can Be A Horrible Place

School can be one of the most horrible places you can be in your life and can sometimes be a happy place but today i’ll focus on the negatives. School can be very mondane with its grey walls, crappy weather and continuous routine of classes that seem boring. School can be an even worse place … Continue reading