The Minimalist Life

Minimalism can be really amazing when you get it right and doing this in your home can demand a great deal of restraint, to bring minimalism in the home sometimes demand an adjustment to the minimal life. Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Advertisements

The Architecture Student Essentials

When  i first decided i wanted to do architecture at university i wasnt actually my desire,i really wanted to do computer science, more architecture students gradually grow into the course/ profession after years of facination with the subject matter but for me it was a bit of a last minute love. After the first 2 … Continue reading

The B.L.O.W.J.O.B

The title alone is a filthy give away but here is a true gem i managed to find along the dry desert of amazing photography on sites like pintrest, then i managed to stumbled upon a great inspiration site behance ( which i highly recommend.Tadao Cern the composer presents an amazing composition of photo manipulation … Continue reading

Everybody Needs A Map/ The World according to Yanko

Everybody loves a map especially world wide geek’s seeing the countries tie together to form the world map, gives me even a sense of togetherness when the pieces all fit together, here Yanko Tsvetkov brings an insightful, interesting view on how other areas of the world see other people.   MADEHAND/SOURCE

Guide to Japanese Food

Im a sucker for great food especially when there is great design attached to that, the simplistic view to design, really clean and simple. Originally a native of Japan, Moé Takemura recently graduated from Lund University in Sweden where through her MA in industrial design, she created a new cookbook titled Guide to the Foreign … Continue reading

Hair: Form of the body


Songs WithOut Words Say More

Amazing how lighting/imagery and sound can express deep emotions This is how i remembered music, the ability to open you up

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