XS Architecture / Banc en bois

I am always facinated by compartmental architecture which is leading to a more environmental architecture with lower carbon emissions, the component method of architecture means that pieces can be cut out using a cad cam machine, chop up the pieces and attach them together by just using pure man/woman power. As you can see from … Continue reading

Home Infinite Tool

The home kit which is a mix between a suitcase and a carrier bag,  my first impressions of this tool ? a complete messy and quite unnecessary as i would hate others having easy access to my stuff, but in many ways this can give a whole new perspective on what you think is private and … Continue reading

Form/ Body Furniture

From years of struggle to understand how to design architecture in the best method possible i have finally understood that form is derived from the human body, basis i know but just recently i have understood the importance of the human body. I stumbled upon the homotography site which displays great photography of the male … Continue reading