Is the Architect ? : Has Being a Woman in Architecture Changed

Welcome to the is the architect ? series, the series i This week we are going to talk about whether being a woman in architecture has changed in the last century, this is a subject i think should be brought up and discussed as many women take the career of architecture as a way of … Continue reading

The Reef Project

A true inspiration for those who are forward thinking in the field of architecture and computer software, the reef project combines the technology of Rhino and Grasshopper to three dimensionally develop the leaf like components. Reef is a responsive, kinetic installation by Rob Ley and Joshua Stein which investigates the role emerging material technology can … Continue reading

The Architecture Student Essentials

When  i first decided i wanted to do architecture at university i wasnt actually my desire,i really wanted to do computer science, more architecture students gradually grow into the course/ profession after years of facination with the subject matter but for me it was a bit of a last minute love. After the first 2 … Continue reading

Snohetta Wins over Zaha hadid and Norman Foster

Norways leading architects have been favoured over the worlds most renowned architects zaha hadid and norman foster to develop the opera house in Busan in South Korea. Understandable to many why snohetta would be favoured over other enteries for the Busan opera house, this comes which the impressive completion of the Oslo opera house and … Continue reading

Software Review / CityEngine

City engine is an amazing piece of software that can really cut you some corners, the problem that usually occurs is the dreaded city creation process when your making a render or just simple design processing. The city engine software enables the user to creates city landscapes in a matter of minutes without the hassle … Continue reading


Huh Who the hell Are you ?, the common question youll ever hear in your younger lifetime in all professions. With MADEHAND we are trying to start from the dirt and maybe one day turn into a flashy diamond. Here at madehand we love the idea of deconstructivism, i hope you do too. From the … Continue reading

World Architecture Festival / Future Project of the Year and Landscape of the Year Awards

An exciting announcement from the World architecture festival should grab any architecture students attention, if it doesnt here is a good reason why it should. The world architecture festival is a culmination of some of the new emerging architectural design and the awards they recieve due to their amazing architectural design. Kallang River Bishan Park, … Continue reading

3D Mobile Printer/Architecture Saviour

Im my lifetime i have seen some very impressive pieces of technology that really aid the process of architectural design processing, the 3d mobile printer developed by DUS Architects. Engineering  and Technology is growing at a faster rate than expected, the concept of 3d printers has been developed before by Enrico Dini’s D-Shape printer that … Continue reading

Gin + ArchiTonic / Whiter than White exhibition

  The 22nd maked the opening day of the whiter than white exhibition by archionic, the exhibition is the a celebration of whiteness in the building environment. Involving the materials and finishes   Architonic Disco Photography By DAF SOURCE                                 … Continue reading

Google Headquarters/Clive Wilkinson Architects

This industrial style of architecture is the product of architect Clive Wilkinson who was appointed to design and develop the google headquarters in Silicon valley.This 500,000 square foot complex involved the valid input of DEGW environmentalist William Mcdonough who have worked together to develop a diverse environment. The design integrated highly focused software engineering workspace … Continue reading

Cycling + Society

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A Great Collaborative piece, minimalism and graphic design at its best. KNOCKOUT View original post

A New UTØYA / 60 Million for 2015

The Norwegian massacre of the 22nd of July will surely stay in our memories for along time to come, the day will certainly be remembered in the minds of everyone. The utoya disaster has struck hope among the norwegian people and has brought great architecturr minds together, this collaboration has resulted in the Utoya project … Continue reading

It Could Happen To Anyone/Homeless

An interesting documentation into the lives of homeless people, the bbc documentary captures the real life stories and the hardships of the homeles. The documentary goes deep into the lives of these homless individuals and how they survive day to day with very few opportunites. Architecture is always part of homelessness in some societies there … Continue reading

Inspiring Lectures/ Hans Rosling

As an any architectural of design enthusiast will tell you, great inspiration can be given from watching great lectures and here is a facinating lecture by Hans Rosling a great statician. In this video he talks about the relation and correlation of population growth Hiv and economics in many ways this relates to architectural world.

Office/ A change in work environment

With the european and american graphic and interior designers finally crawling from the depth and effects of the recession. The following blog entry gives a collage of the many well designed offices around europe some designed using environmentally friendly materials and well thought out aesthetics SOURCE SOURCE SOURCE SOURCE SOURCE SOURCE SOURCE

The Struggle’s of the Young Architect

DESIGN REFORM OUTAKE A well-known and often cited truism of architecture notes that forty (as in years) is considered young for an architect and most don’t start hitting their stride until they’re seventy. This may partially explain why well-known architects seem to live forever… they’re simply too busy to die.What is often omitted from this … Continue reading

We Need Support

We are growing gradually and we are trying to make our way in the architectural writing, we are based in Norway and we are trying to start ourselves a fully functioning student architectural journal for Norway incl. Uk  so Join our facebook page.

Pool Shophouse/KD Architects + FARM

The shophouse is an amazing develoment bringing together sustainability and architecture detailed design, the use of stone and concrete to create a narrow hallway creates a very dramatic entrance. The architects have cleverly used stone with metal and minimal window openings to create a cozy and exciting space to explore, the house also contains a … Continue reading


  A great contest set up by United Colours of benetton for ages 18 to 30 years old, a great insentive for those out there who have been stuggling finding employment in the bad bad world of work. Not all of us as individuls have connections that make getting a job a piece of cake, … Continue reading

Goli + Bosi by Studio Up

Studio spaces can often be a mondane one colour, one shape, making working in an office very depressing and predictable. Goli and Bosi have come together to develop this intriguing minmalist aproach to work and play. The simple but smart palette of colours used creates a vibrant but professional area of work. This renovated department store … Continue reading