Software Review / Archviz Dvd

Not just a pretty render is what architecture school is all about but dont get me wrong a good render can go a long way into explaining what is going on inside and outside your building, sometimes a set of 2d drawings and a couple of isometrics won get your tutor or potential employer interested. … Continue reading

Software Review / The CSI Deblurer

Welcome to the MADEHAND software review if your new to the made hand blog, today we are talking about the deblurer which is an amazingly powerful piece of software. The deblurer does exactly what it says on the tin, the software reduces the amount of clarity and pixelation within an image which can come in  … Continue reading

Software Review / CityEngine

City engine is an amazing piece of software that can really cut you some corners, the problem that usually occurs is the dreaded city creation process when your making a render or just simple design processing. The city engine software enables the user to creates city landscapes in a matter of minutes without the hassle … Continue reading

We Need Support

We are growing gradually and we are trying to make our way in the architectural writing, we are based in Norway and we are trying to start ourselves a fully functioning student architectural journal for Norway incl. Uk  so Join our facebook page.

New Ident

Hi thanks to a lot to deep thinking and desperation to making something of madehand i decided to create a new ident for madehand. The madehand is a link for the students in norway and the uk, providing what is much needed.

We Are Back

    We are back to the issues that really matter to the architecture student, software, magazines, books, quotes and other useful information that may come in handy.

We Are Changing

Hi sorry for the lack of detail, writing and quality as you guys may be used to . I  will be changing from today with better quality writing ,images , research and information so stay tuned , we changing for the better .

Software Review/Mad Mesh Maker

An amazing piece of software truly impressive, if your having problems designing a free flowing form with ease. Mad Mesh maker  following the link, Great for topography

Software Review/Paracloud Gem

Keeping up with the latest software can be a ball park with too many options and way too much stuff to learn, from my infancy years of architecture school autocad was a must and a useful tool that gave me an understanding or computer drawing. With a new generation of architects comes a new type … Continue reading


As an architecture student myself i do find it difficult and some times baffling to what the internet can do for you, as the internet has grown there has been tonnes of new resources that can help students out. Made Hand is all about the expression of architecture, the social effects, resources, links and inspiration … Continue reading