Is the Architect ? : Has Being a Woman in Architecture Changed

Welcome to the is the architect ? series, the series i This week we are going to talk about whether being a woman in architecture has changed in the last century, this is a subject i think should be brought up and discussed as many women take the career of architecture as a way of … Continue reading

Gin + ArchiTonic / Whiter than White exhibition

  The 22nd maked the opening day of the whiter than white exhibition by archionic, the exhibition is the a celebration of whiteness in the building environment. Involving the materials and finishes   Architonic Disco Photography By DAF SOURCE                                 … Continue reading

It Could Happen To Anyone/Homeless

An interesting documentation into the lives of homeless people, the bbc documentary captures the real life stories and the hardships of the homeles. The documentary goes deep into the lives of these homless individuals and how they survive day to day with very few opportunites. Architecture is always part of homelessness in some societies there … Continue reading

Inspiring Lectures/ Hans Rosling

As an any architectural of design enthusiast will tell you, great inspiration can be given from watching great lectures and here is a facinating lecture by Hans Rosling a great statician. In this video he talks about the relation and correlation of population growth Hiv and economics in many ways this relates to architectural world.


  A great contest set up by United Colours of benetton for ages 18 to 30 years old, a great insentive for those out there who have been stuggling finding employment in the bad bad world of work. Not all of us as individuls have connections that make getting a job a piece of cake, … Continue reading


I thought that to get off to a fresh new start on made hand that i would have a little session on piracy and how it has changed the way we share information and how we communicate, the problem is that i am a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to piracy The problem … Continue reading

Ethnic Displacement

Arab al-Jahalin is one of the biggest bedouin community that lives in the desert between Jerusalem and Jericho MADEHAND/SOURCE

The Otherside of the Olympics/ Not a massive shock

Well some may raise a fist or some may get terribly offended but as a londoner its not just hosts like Los Angles who have sacrificed there beautiful terrains for the corporate side of the olympics. Don’t get me wrong i love the olympics because for 2 weeks or rather 3 hours (the opening ceremony) … Continue reading

Everybody Needs A Map/ The World according to Yanko

Everybody loves a map especially world wide geek’s seeing the countries tie together to form the world map, gives me even a sense of togetherness when the pieces all fit together, here Yanko Tsvetkov brings an insightful, interesting view on how other areas of the world see other people.   MADEHAND/SOURCE

Young,Broke + Talented

Lets face it life sucks when your young and talented but for some reason your broke as hell, could be you have bad management of money or your just like me and you have never had hand outs from anyone till bad times come and your the one lending money. Well it does suck and … Continue reading

Why Dont you just kill your self ?/When Individuals become consumers

I remember back in the 90s seeing the first glimpse of the macintosh in class and it was a wierd unveiling, almost all the students in the school gatherd round in a hexagon like formation to try and get a touch on the new macintosh’s. Still in the infancy stage of my geekyness i had … Continue reading

School Can Be A Horrible Place

School can be one of the most horrible places you can be in your life and can sometimes be a happy place but today i’ll focus on the negatives. School can be very mondane with its grey walls, crappy weather and continuous routine of classes that seem boring. School can be an even worse place … Continue reading

The Red Light District

The world renowned red light district of Amsterdam has been a big tourist attraction of the Netherlands which have been around for over 30 years, the red light district isn’t a spectical of danish architecture but is a icon of danish history. The red light district was used by German soldiers during the second world … Continue reading

Amazing Lectures/Hans Rosling on Hiv

A truly amazing man who gives a clearer definition of what statistics can do, Hans rosling a statistics man breaks down the social and economic problems in the world through statistical data that has not be properly portrayed in the newspapers.

Cosmetics “Animal Touture”

Lets face it in order to make progress there has to be some sort of experimentation to see whether certain substances are safe in the human body, the sad thing is that progress comes at the cost of an animals life which is horrible that they must go through that. Here show the reality of … Continue reading