The Architecture Student Essentials

When  i first decided i wanted to do architecture at university i wasnt actually my desire,i really wanted to do computer science, more architecture students gradually grow into the course/ profession after years of facination with the subject matter but for me it was a bit of a last minute love. After the first 2 years a gradually developed my love for the course finally getting to grips with the whole getting up at early hours and stayign till late in the studio and partying hard.
The essentials for being an architecture student

1. The Understanding

It can be confusing and a little bit offputting when your hear others say that, you have to be able to sketch. I personally was horrible at even getting my hand to stay stable on a piece of paper i ended u only getting comfortable after a year on the course. Sketching will come in time dont rush but start of with some pencils and
chalk because its not just all about straight lines, sketches can be very expressive even though they can look like pretencious scribbles but they will be understandable in time just work on them you’ll be fine.
2. A Reliable Laptop

When you do start the course you may hear from tutors like mine who were against using laptops in the first year as they wanted to get an idea of what kind of hand drawn skills we had, but in reality most practices these days require you to have a vast knowledge of computer programs like AutoCAD etc but before you dare to learn youve got to get yourself a reliable laptop. Speaking from experience a laptop i bought in my first year died after i tried using a renderer and just fried infront of me instantly loosing a 3rd of my work that semester. Some good advice is stick with the good brands like Acer and Toshiba they wont let you down, there will be hype with the whole macbook pro but if your not rich enough like me then stick to the viable option that can be repaired for low prices.
3. Some Amazing Inspiring Lectures, You will get depressed with the course !

Prepare yourself becuase from semester to semester you will be experiencing some amazing highs with good feedback from youe tutors then amazing lows with bad crits, so always have some vitamin love on the go which i found in inspiring lectures that made me happy to be an architecture student again with the promise that i could someday potentially build some amazing life changing stuff. here are some links and examples

4. Some Experience in some cool amazing software, It will save you time

The basics start with Autocad which your tutors will teach you gradually then moves onto 3d which you should get the hang of after a while, dont be scared if you dont get it straight away it will be second nature after you get to use it on a project or 2 in university.

When it comes to keeping up to date its well advised to get some experience using Revit which is part of the Autocad family, the future it BIM *Building Information Modelling which will save you time in a project tenfold in comparison to usin autocad


Rhino + Grasshopper

As you grow as a designer you will start to get to grips with the crazy new forms that you struggle with making computer models from such as your parametrics and biomimicry inspired forms, rhino is a simple software for making nurbs which is just a way of making shapes using lines and curves in 3d that can be very advantageous. Grasshopper uses mathematics and equations and buttons to manipulate forms and creates some amazing stuff. Check it out

5. Fifth and Final is Relax

What ever you find relaxes you do it , dont do it too much because in the morning you go to get to the studio but oh well, i found going out for long walks and partying hard as a solution as it made me relaxed, cleared my mind and made me realise solutions to problems in my course that i could handle gradually.


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