Snohetta Wins over Zaha hadid and Norman Foster

Norways leading architects have been favoured over the worlds most renowned architects zaha hadid and norman foster to develop the opera house in Busan in South Korea.

Understandable to many why snohetta would be favoured over other enteries for the Busan opera house, this comes which the impressive completion of the Oslo opera house and many other projects that have been consistent.An Outake from the snohetta team explaining the concept  as follows :

Opera in Busan is frozen music, but an instrument we can play on, the Snøhetta team in a poetic statement in connection with the victory:

– This instrument is neither a white cube or a black box, empty void of expression, this opera building site and content expresses the values ​​and ethos

Before construction has been even begun the Busan opera house is already being compared to the great sucess of the Oslo opera house both project are located in a deprived area of their city and will transform the area.South Korean city of Busan in the harbor of Northport.

The goal of Busan Metropolitian City is to develop the city into a destination for marine tourism and plays an important role opera. The competition area is almost 30 000m2. Opera building, which will house a hall with 1,800 seats and conference hall, gallery, restaurant and café, is scheduled to be 48 000m2. The building will cost around 1.2 billion.

Slik ser Snøhetta for seg hovedscenen i Busan-operaen. Illustrasjon: MIR

In addition to Snøhetta competed the following offices: Architekturstudio Bulant & Wailzer from Austria, DMP from South Korea, Foster & Partners of the UK, Henning Larsen Architects, Denmark, LAN + Architettura & Ingenneria from South Korea, PWFERRETTO LTD from United Kingdom, SAMOO Architects & Engineering, Zaha Hadid of Britain and Zarhy Architects + StudioPEZ from Isra


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