3D Mobile Printer/Architecture Saviour

Im my lifetime i have seen some very impressive pieces of technology that really aid the process of architectural design processing, the 3d mobile printer developed by DUS Architects.

Engineering  and Technology is growing at a faster rate than expected, the concept of 3d printers has been developed before by Enrico Dini’s D-Shape printer that would print out in sand and stone.

The Dutch architecture firm collaboraed with Ultimaker ltd, Fablab Protospace, and Open Coop. The technological aspects do lead to some intersting research into efficiency, the speed at which these 3d models are created makes design changes and presentation much more easier. In additon there is the cost factor which every architectural firm worries about. With great anticipation comes curiosity as to how will this improve efficiency in a busy practice.


One Response to “3D Mobile Printer/Architecture Saviour”
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