I thought that to get off to a fresh new start on made hand that i would have a little session on piracy and how it has changed the way we share information and how we communicate, the problem is that i am a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to piracy The problem is that i agree with the whole sharing of information which can be useful for those of the less fortunate, then there’s the argument that the information software whatever has been developed and there hard work is being destroyed.

To some degree piracy is ruining the entertainment industry but it is also creating a new path way were information can be free as well as software, the problem is these software companies have quiet alot to loose when it comes to the development of their firms. But when was it ever ok to start charging people for buy music, i guess the thing is artists need money and it would just be too much of a fairy tale world if we all just ignored the elephant in the room.


When we look at how the world has changed and developed we have been time and time again surprised when a teen or adult finds a way of downloading this information or extracting it and sharing it, in many ways piracy is still on the rise and will never stop as it grows day by day and new smarter minds are joining the collective. So who misses out from this all ……. its the information sharers and the companies. Plain and simple who in their right mind would buy a piece of software for example Photoshop CS6  which if im not mistaken costs 400- 500 quid and not just download it for free and only takes 20 minutes if you have a super fast connection.

In japan they have raised a bill that if your are caught in possession of piracy material you will be thrown in jail for 2 years or you will be charged with a 25 grand, which is no doubt a huge amount but i still dont see how this can make a dent in piracy on if you take down the big dogs. Earlier this year megauploads boss was taken from his home and had his home searched through illegally,  but is it just the corporate companies telling the government to stop `


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