The Otherside of the Olympics/ Not a massive shock

Well some may raise a fist or some may get terribly offended but as a londoner its not just hosts like Los Angles who have sacrificed there beautiful terrains for the corporate side of the olympics. Don’t get me wrong i love the olympics because for 2 weeks or rather 3 hours (the opening ceremony) you actually forget that the whole world is at war with each other and seems like a love fest. The horrible thing about it is that its not a love fest for those residents who are living next to the olympics stadium in the borough of newham, the videos show the other side of the olympics that you didnt get to see and the pattern that is quiet obvious. The pattern being after hosting the olympics the countries do go through a process of hard work, drops in the countries economy and the quality of life for the people of that country. The olympics has been used in london and has already been put to work in Rio (next olympics hosts) by paving way for destruction of the poverty stricken areas of rio, mainly being the favelas which urban planners have been ordered to destroy as they may cause a health and safety threat if there is a mudslide. The thing with the olympics is that it is a quicker and easier way to get a proposal pushed forward in a high speed rate and little or much powerful opposition, the residents living in the olympics area have been exposed to dust, continuous noise and houses have been knocked down to make way for the list of television presenters,reports and journalists who are close by. Its also quiet astonishing that the olympics that of which is supposed to be an event that brings the world closer together, is pushing the very fabric of community away from the city.

They say that the olympics will create a regeneration to the area but all that means it that more well off people will buy houses there and begin to develop better housing and shopping locations, this is outrageous and the complete opposite to what regeneration is all about it supposed to be building hospitals, schools, museums not just another pit stop for the well off to spend cash on and earn a profit.


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