Fashion x Form = Architecture

Fashion and architecture go hand in hand, form can be essential for a product to fullfil its function. Fashion has truely demonstrated what can be achieved not only form and stability but aesthetics Advertisements

Frank Ghery + Facebook = A New Headquarter

Facebook have appointed Frank Gehry to design the largest open plan office in the world. ‘Facebook West’ by San Francisco Bay will accommodate 2,800 computer engineers under a green roof, planted with trees. It will be completed in 2015. That’s right the great name of architecture Frank ghery has accepted the offer to develop the … Continue reading

Natural History Museum Proposal / Kengo Kuma & Associates + Erik Møller Arkitekter + JAJA Architects

If there has ever been a render that has truly given the sense of connectivity and tranquility this should be it, the natural history museum    for Denmark  designed by these three amazing practices promises to deliver a inspiring and enlightening backdrop to the natural landscape. Its location is a peaceful botanical garden giving the … Continue reading

The Harvest Pavillion / Vector Architects

A simply amazing agricultural building  by Beijing studio to wash, prepare and harvest crops. The harvest pavillion brings a whole other side  to harvesting by producing a subtle marriage between building and nature.


I thought that to get off to a fresh new start on made hand that i would have a little session on piracy and how it has changed the way we share information and how we communicate, the problem is that i am a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to piracy The problem … Continue reading

We Are Changing

Hi sorry for the lack of detail, writing and quality as you guys may be used to . I  will be changing from today with better quality writing ,images , research and information so stay tuned , we changing for the better .

Architecture Masters

Architecture masters is a collection of the images that decipt the faces of the industry and their passion and telent to the industry captured in powerful black and white images. MADEHAND/SOURCE

When I Was Young…………….

Very sorry guys for the hiatus, been a bit busy with handing in work and an exam for my architecture course. I am now coming to the end of my course and i just keep on having those flash back moments when you were kids and the great memories you have. Unfortunately like some people … Continue reading

Still / Tranquil Spaces

Tranquil spaces is a collaboration of images of the most peaceful and humble spaces across europe and america, architecture and design is only efficient and successful if it fits well in its surroundings. These scenic views give a clear understanding of what can be achieved and given from these sites MADEHAND/SOURCE MADEHAND/SOURCE MADEHAND/SOURCE MADEHAND/SOURCE

The B.L.O.W.J.O.B

The title alone is a filthy give away but here is a true gem i managed to find along the dry desert of amazing photography on sites like pintrest, then i managed to stumbled upon a great inspiration site behance ( which i highly recommend.Tadao Cern the composer presents an amazing composition of photo manipulation … Continue reading

Ethnic Displacement

Arab al-Jahalin is one of the biggest bedouin community that lives in the desert between Jerusalem and Jericho MADEHAND/SOURCE

Music/ My Favourite Architect

Before i ever wanted to do anything i always wanted to collect music and not just your ordinary yeah i listen to everything bullshitter but the yeah i listen to ska, j pop and a little bit of death metal, i remember being the weird kid in school always carrying a tone of cds because … Continue reading

The Otherside of the Olympics/ Not a massive shock

Well some may raise a fist or some may get terribly offended but as a londoner its not just hosts like Los Angles who have sacrificed there beautiful terrains for the corporate side of the olympics. Don’t get me wrong i love the olympics because for 2 weeks or rather 3 hours (the opening ceremony) … Continue reading

My City/ Transitions

I recently moved from the great city of London to move into the City of Bergen located in the western region of norway and is the second biggest city in norway. It really is a great transition from london as it comfortably mixes its self with nature in a quiet and bold way, in the … Continue reading