Why Dont you just kill your self ?/When Individuals become consumers

I remember back in the 90s seeing the first glimpse of the macintosh in class and it was a wierd unveiling, almost all the students in the school gatherd round in a hexagon like formation to try and get a touch on the new macintosh’s. Still in the infancy stage of my geekyness i had a glance and feel of machine like 10 days later after it had been covered with jelly and smeared with crayons, it truely felt amazing the first computer with a colour screen but the funny thing was i just considered it a computer just with a colour screen. As the years grew i suddenly just fell out of love with mac as it just died in the late 90s with ugly brick like computers replacing it.Fast forward to now and theres just a array of gadgets that apple have given birth to since the macintosh, but i think i have to be one of the people who has to say , why are there no good designs when it comes to computing.

I find it quite hilarious when i was in school in a class mate said after i suggested why dont you get a mac pro, he said why dont you just kill yourself? i laughed because i could understand his frustration with the quality you get is no where up to the standard of a laptop.

An macbook can reach up to 1,800 pounds thats a hell of a lot for a graphic designer/artist/musician or Hipster but if you spend that amount of a laptop you get an insane specification like 16gb of memory instead of the mabooks 8gb. But before i get too geeky into it i think its best for individuals to not become consumers because then your just fucked, youll be sapped into buying the next i-thing but what can you do they are very well designed minus the cost, cost of repairing, the scratching, the high steal rate, the lack of options to software and the lack of quallity for price.


3 Responses to “Why Dont you just kill your self ?/When Individuals become consumers”
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