François Roche

R&Sie, pronounced “Air and Sea” or “Air y see” ( sounds like Heresy), is one of our favorite architecture firms and this week’s feature presentation. R&Sie is directed by a team of french thinkers, architects and railleurs — they are Francoise Roche, Stephanie Lavaux and Jean Navarro. Together they’ve been reworking, provoking and disturbing architectural /  animal boundaries around the globe.

Briefly, R&sie has been active as an experimental architectural practice for the better part of 20 years. Over the course of that career they’ve produced roughly 40 projects of all shapes, sizes, scales and materials. It’s difficult to directly pin any one label or category to R&Sie’s work, but they do appear to be interested in architecture’s particularly temporal nature as well as its place in a larger biotic or zootic context. Much of their work, (and indeed most of it is unbuilt proposals), fits the mission of this website as well as our personal palette’s. Sure there are some problems with the work but we love it and not because it looks organic, or is directly related to a biological process but because of its overt animalistic qualities: hairy, smelly, and slimy;  moving, growing or in a state of decay. R&Sie truly occupies a unique place in the animal / architecture discussion — one that we find, both strangely disgusting, and also some how irresistible despite our best intentions otherwise. We’ve never been able to figure out what Francoise and the gang are up to and we don’t entirely trust it. But we keep coming back to them, time and time again. So, perhaps better than talking about the work of R&Sie we’ll post a few of our favorite projects from their website (dude! they need a new website!) and let you see for yourself.











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