Sustainability A Twisted Agenda

As an architecture student I was truly suprised as to what architecture has done for the environment, there are positives but for a long time architecture has been a symbol in progression which has cost the environment. The failed attempts of architecture such as suburbia which forced trees and nature to be placed near housing, a nature bandaid is what  refer these to. Sustainability is not just about making a building look green but is a serious issue for people on the other side of the world, sustainability is a matter of survival for people on the other side of the world so in the western world it should be used for good research and development to improve the third world.

I love humanitarian architecture as it steps out of the harsh world of steel boxes and impersonal white walls, there is a lot of bad decisions that were made with good intentions in the places we live. Recycling is problem as I actually produces a lot of carbon dioxide when it comes to plastic bottles and glass, only thing is when you look at the symptom not the cause it is clear as day. The division of rubish into plastics,paper and general waste actually produces a lot of co2 through embodied energy, embodied energy basically is the carbon footprint during the collection, travel and manufacturing process. As you would expect the collecting of 3 different bins increase the time spent on collection which increases co2, the time taken to sort out the rubbish in the factory and stripping of the material to be used again use co2. Well what can we do , you cant really stop recycling as its a movement all though it actually means more money for the government and doesn’t do any good for the environment really except the use of plastic bottles other than that its a heap of embodied energy.


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