Atheist Architecture

When we look at architecture no better influence has there been as religion, today many of the problems in the world are seen as due to religion. Through architecture religion has gave other sides of the world to see a cultures way of life, but when you closely look at things all we are is human with with different cultures not religions that divide use into catergories. Atheist architecture is all around us, how do you mean ? well what do you associate with mosaics and coloured tiles, islamic architecture, but when we look at atheism there is the belief in darwins theory of evolution. In my eyes Atheist architecture is architecture which is scientific and evolutionary, just like the experimental work of Francois Roche returning back to nature.

Biomimicry and Metamorphosis

One Response to “Atheist Architecture”
  1. writecrites says:

    Such amazing architecture, and I might never have seen it without your blog. Thank you for sharing. And more architecture, please.

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