Reflection/Life’s Beautiful Side


Everybody Needs A Map/ The World according to Yanko

Everybody loves a map especially world wide geek’s seeing the countries tie together to form the world map, gives me even a sense of togetherness when the pieces all fit together, here Yanko Tsvetkov brings an insightful, interesting view on how other areas of the world see other people.   MADEHAND/SOURCE

Young,Broke + Talented

Lets face it life sucks when your young and talented but for some reason your broke as hell, could be you have bad management of money or your just like me and you have never had hand outs from anyone till bad times come and your the one lending money. Well it does suck and … Continue reading

Avenue of The Rainbow

A small town in Portugal called Agueda houses this amazing sight for the fight time this year with colourful umbrellas which is just beautiful in the sunlight.

Why Dont you just kill your self ?/When Individuals become consumers

I remember back in the 90s seeing the first glimpse of the macintosh in class and it was a wierd unveiling, almost all the students in the school gatherd round in a hexagon like formation to try and get a touch on the new macintosh’s. Still in the infancy stage of my geekyness i had … Continue reading

The Art of Depression


School Can Be A Horrible Place

School can be one of the most horrible places you can be in your life and can sometimes be a happy place but today i’ll focus on the negatives. School can be very mondane with its grey walls, crappy weather and continuous routine of classes that seem boring. School can be an even worse place … Continue reading

Something You Wont Find At Ikea/The Crystal Chair

Tokujin Yoshioka’s Venus – “Natural Crystal Chair” MADEHAND/SOURCE

Tracy Featherstone/Form Is Not Just Structure But Beautiful Art

Seriously, What the Hell ? was my first reaction to the structural pieces by Tracy Featherstone which i happened to stumble upon, the amount of effort and precision that has been put into constructing these is impressive. The structures designed to be wearable and to begin a new breed of fashion, the wearable structures that … Continue reading

The Minimal Life Vol 2

The minimal life can be an amazing one as i love the idea of simplicity, to be able to organise not jut your home but im a simplistic manor. Here is the minimal life second volume which touches on the aspects of life which can be made simple and maybe help clarity with thinking. MADEHAND/SOURCE … Continue reading

The Minimal Life Vol 1


Home Infinite Tool

The home kit which is a mix between a suitcase and a carrier bag,  my first impressions of this tool ? a complete messy and quite unnecessary as i would hate others having easy access to my stuff, but in many ways this can give a whole new perspective on what you think is private and … Continue reading

Architectural Emotion

Warning may make you cry if you are a big fan of Louis Khan a great architect not only of his time but still present today.

François Roche

R&Sie, pronounced “Air and Sea” or “Air y see” ( sounds like Heresy), is one of our favorite architecture firms and this week’s feature presentation. R&Sie is directed by a team of french thinkers, architects and railleurs — they are Francoise Roche, Stephanie Lavaux and Jean Navarro. Together they’ve been reworking, provoking and disturbing architectural … Continue reading

Form/ Body Furniture

From years of struggle to understand how to design architecture in the best method possible i have finally understood that form is derived from the human body, basis i know but just recently i have understood the importance of the human body. I stumbled upon the homotography site which displays great photography of the male … Continue reading

The Human Paint Chart


I Officially Hate The Rich

Art of Kinetic, the producer of luxury wooden pleasure yachts is certainly no virgin when it comes to Yatzer. With the presentation of Hedonist in 2011, their then newest addition to the Kinetic family, they are now set to send chills down our spines with their new addition to the art of seduction. ANTAGONIST represents … Continue reading

Guide to Japanese Food

Im a sucker for great food especially when there is great design attached to that, the simplistic view to design, really clean and simple. Originally a native of Japan, Moé Takemura recently graduated from Lund University in Sweden where through her MA in industrial design, she created a new cookbook titled Guide to the Foreign … Continue reading

Amazing Green Roof Shelter with Wifi


You + Me

You may here and have heard the term make a house a home, when moving in with a significant other you’ll notice there are some design clashes that will take place in your flat/apartment or home. Personally i am a strict design orientated person, i love the idea of designs with a personal touch but … Continue reading